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05-11-2007 (source: The Star Online)
Melati Ehsan set to join the big league, says MD

Excerpts from an interview with Melati Ehsan's managing director Datuk Yap Suan Chee

STARBIZ: What do you think are the contributing factors to Melati Ehsan's good performance?

Datuk Yap Suan Chee: Besides having the right set of construction skills and expertise, I believe it is also important to deliver projects on time and within budget.

It's also important to pick the right projects and maintain good cash flow and keep borrowings as low as possible.

Melati Ehsan has always tried to raise funds internally for its operational requirements and expansion. Is this intentional or a policy of the company?

It's not a policy, but we try to borrow as little as possible.

I guess it comes from my personal experience when I acted as a guarantor for a business, which required financing from a bank in the mid 1990s. When the business failed, I had to repay the loan and it was tough, but I finally managed to pay it over the years. It taught me a lesson to be very careful when taking a loan.

What are your plans for the company, going forward?

I think it's time for Melati Ehsan to leapfrog into the big league. Go for bigger projects. These projects require larger funds, so we need more funds.

Taking loans from financial institutions is a possibility, but we have to be extremely cautious in doing so.

Will the company be looking for both local and overseas projects?

The bulk of our projects are local, but if the opportunity arises and the projects overseas are commercially viable, then we can consider them.

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