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::.Dato' Mohd Zain bin Yahya (Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman)

Dato’ Mohd Zain Bin Yahya was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company as a Non-Independent Non-Executive Director on 29 January 2007. He was re-designated from Non-Independent Non-Executive Director to Independent Non-Executive Director effective from 14 December 2012. He is also the Chairman of the Nomination Committee of the Company.

He has been a Director of Pembinaan Kery Sdn. Bhd. since 1 September 1998.  Prior to joining the Group, he was attached with the Rubber Industry Small Holders Development Authority (“RISDA”) from 1969 to 1996. He joined RISDA as an administrative officer and was subsequently promoted to Director General in 1982 where he was responsible for the overall operations of RISDA. Dato’ Mohd Zain Bin Yahya has more than 25 years of experience in business management. He retired from RISDA in 1996 and then joined the Group.

Dato’ Mohd Zain Bin Yahya does not hold any directorship in any other public corporation. He does not have any family relationship with any director and/or substantial shareholder of the Company, neither does he have any conflict of interest with the Company other than the recurrent transactions of revenue or trading nature which are necessary for the Company’s day-to-day operations. He has no convictions for any offences within the past 10 years.

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